Digital Distribution


Indigenius is a full service company ready to offer your content to VOD services worldwide. We are equipped to handle your transcoding needs as well as closed captioning and language localizations as per platform specs. We work with the leading VOD services as well as niche regional platforms.

Our history started in the early days of mobile phones when content was only accesible via an operator portal. These were the days when downloading your favourite show images, gifs, or ringtones was still a viable business. We were in a unique position licensing short form content from around the world to service operators needs. This market quickly transformed as smart phones became more ‘smart’ and undoubtedly shutdown the need for consumers to have or  access the operators portal. Smart phone apps and faster networks opened a new segment of the market and gave more control to the consumer but at the same time distancing the operator from the consumer and essentially creating revenue for a third party. As wireless plans got cheaper and network speeds improved dramatically, this opened a window for long form content. Enter online streaming. We have continued on this wave and now work with the leading platforms and also proud to manage YouTube channels offering premium content for several of our clients.

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