Room To Improve – 46×52′

The nation’s favourite architect is back with a brand new series of Room To Improve. Dermot Bannon returns with seven exciting new projects. His challenge will be to deliver dream homes with maximum Wow at minimum cost: from suburban semi-ds in Templeogue to bungalow bliss in Moate and Sutton.

As he endeavours to match his vision to their ambitons, Dermot’s clients include a couple who’ve ploughed over 20 years of savings into a dilapidated cottage in Malahide; a feisty sprout farmer taking on a self build at the seaside village of Rush and a young couple keen to rescue the legacy of an old farmhouse in rural Kildalkey, Co. Meath.

With hopes and dreams to fulfil for home-owners who know exactly what they want from their architect, Dermot and his designs are under more pressure than ever: second-guessed by clients, ambushed by unforseen problems on site and forced to re-design as his grand vision outstrips the budget.

A diverse range of hopeful clients with high expectations and a new right hand woman. As long time Room To Improve quantity surveyor Patricia Power moves on to pastures new, the woman responsible for keeping budgets in check and balancing Dermot’s designerly ambitions is no-nonsense QS Lisa O’Brien.

Along with a range of local contractors and crews, the series features self builders and have-a-go clients, keen to save money by bringing Dermot’s designs to life all by themselves.

Expect last minute changes, construction dilemmas, frayed tempers, cunning plans, last minute rescues and impressive reveals.

Seven challenging projects – one headstrong architect.

This is how you build tension!